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Calpis: Grape-flavoured version

It's a wonder how flavourings can create the many varieties of drinks we can enjoy these days. Back then, it was probably just water-flavoured water or sugar-flavoured water. Get it? Never mind, it's a lame joke anyway. For this week's post, I'll be focusing on the Grape version of this famous drink called "Calpis", but if you want more details about the drink in general, please read my first post about Calpis back in June 2016 before tackling this one. It will probably make more sense that way. Okay, let's go! This Grape version had a light pinkish-purple colour, possibly meant to mimic the colour of grape juice mixed with milk. Although it's supposed to be in the same range as the Original and Mango versions of the Calpis drink, this one seemed more like grape juice that a cultured milk drink (as it was supposed to be). Sure, it did have that acidity (or as you may call it, sourness) that you would expect from yoghurt drinks, but it didn

Dr Pepper - Cough syrup? Pepper-flavoured? What is this thing?

Dr Pepper smells like...cough syrup?! What? Well, it definitely had a cherry taste, red cherry anyway, not those deep dark cherry types. Well, that explains the cough syrup perception I received upon snapping open the can (since cherry flavour is usually added to cough syrup). If you think along the same lines, it's called "Dr Pepper", right? Anyway, the bottom line is that they shouldn't have put cherry flavour into practically every cough syrup brand in the market because now, the correlation is permanent in our minds! The sweetness was tolerable, not too sweet, yet sweet enough to rightfully call itself a can of soft drink or soda. Fizzy, but not extremely so, it also had a nice light brown colour (similar to Coca Cola or Coke) if you pour a small amount into a white cup (half a centimeter or so) although it does turn totally black like coffee without cream when you pour the whole can in. While Dr Pepper had a brown-yellowish colour, Coke had more of a brown-blac