My love affair with Hoshino Coffee

If you ask me, I think Hoshino Coffee’s coffee disappears too quickly. Before I was done enjoying it, I would lift up my cup one more time to find it empty.


The aroma of the first sniff as it reaches your table captivates you and brings you into a forest filled with wild berries. A cool breeze sends you on your toes as the scent of a thousand cherry bushes surrounds you. The touch of tartness that gets you salivating, the fruity bliss of a ripe berry, the morning mist that keeps you in nostalgia. In a dream world with a forest behind a cottage, the mountains yonder and the meadows ahead. It flows down your throat as the river flows of fresh water from the mountains, bringing with it life and a new day to enjoy.


A drop of milk into the serene water and the colour turns a golden caramel. The fresh milk, full cream never skimmed, swirls and becomes one with the darkness, enlightening it and revealing its hidden secrets. A whiff. A delight to the sense of smell. A smile that forms unnoticed. Down again it goes, tickling every tastebud, exciting them and giving them gleeful adrenaline. And before you know it, your hand is lifted again to request a second cup.



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