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Orion Mini Candy Series - Let's be kids again!

Tiny pellets of hard candy with a cylindrical shape and only 0.5 cm long, yet packed full of flavours to satisfy a candy craving.  It’s the type of candy which is hard but seems to be made of compressed, powder-form ingredients so that when you bite on it, it breaks apart easily. With this, comes it’s packaging, a cylindrical plastic container with a resealable tab at the top. Come to think of it, it looks a bit like an old camera film container. Bonus points to those who know what this is, or even better, have used one of these before. Haha, just kidding. Why so tiny? I was wondering why these were made so tiny. Even the candies were pellet-sized and obviously too small to be of any credit to our palate. After a little digging, I learned that these candies were targeted at children! Now it makes sense. The whole concept of down-sizing the size of the candies and putting it in a small, resealable and easy to carry container is just perfect for a kid’s pocket! In the Ja