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Chocolate almond tart with GF, DF, and Vegetarian-friendly labels on it

GF? DF? Okay, vegetarian-friendly is probably easy enough to know. So...GF usually stands for gluten-free (though some use it to mean grain-free) while DF here stands for dairy-free (although it could mean duck-free, but that would be strange for a chocolate almond tart). So yes! I made a gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian-friendly version of a chocolate almond tart. Whew, that was a mouthful. I’ve been experimenting on gluten-free versions of tarts, and this is one of the first ones that emerged from my oven alive (or at least edible). Nobody said that the act of trying something new is a guaranteed success, so yes, there will be failures along the way. It’s how well you hide it that might make the difference (*smirk, smirk*). I for one, tend to eat my failures (somebody has got to, right?), so less than worthy “test subjects” don’t even make the cut to be immortalized in picture form. For this chocolate almond tart, I made it with an almond and cocoa base, with a dark chocolate,

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