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Established in 2016, The Perceptive Foodie is dedicated to food writing. Discover new tastes, revisit nostalgic memories, find pleasure in evocative words that bring about such feelings of passion, melancholy, warmth, hilarity, mystery, excitement, and a treat to the senses. After all, the magic of food doesn't start on our taste buds. The sight of a mouth-watering delight, the scent of a natural perfume that emanates in the air and makes heads turn, the sensation of perfectly ripe plumpness that gives us a gleeful bounce, the sound of a crunch that sends tingling waves of electricity through our nervous system. And finally, the satisfying taste of conquest that ends in a word no more sophisticated than "Ahh..."

We specialize in evocative writing that brings about hungry stomachs, drooling mouths and specific feelings depending on the tone intended. Food and drink descriptions, social media posts, email newsletters, menus, and anything that needs a splash of creativity to bring your diners to their heels. We also offer menu-creation services for those looking to start their food business, and for those looking to revamp their menu. Need help with your wine, spirits and saké menus too? We've got your covered.

Contact us now for a quote! Send us an email at: theperceptivefoodie@gmail.com


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