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Tora & Ding Dang - A Kid's Fun, An Adult's Fond Memory (Part 2)

One part food, one part toy, and a whole box of fun! I yet again found myself brought back to the seemingly ancient times of my childhood by food products that made me rediscover what it meant to be a kid again. What better way to do this than by getting myself a couple of boxes of Tora and Ding Dang, EACH (because one is just not enough, believe me). Although, of all places, I didn't expect to find them at a 7-Eleven store! By the way, this is Part 2 of "A Kid's Fun, An Adult's Fond Memory". Check out Part 1 for my insights on " Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy Treat ". Wait, wait, what are you talking about again? Tora and Ding Dang are products made by Kinos (in Johor, Malaysia) under the "toy box" category. What makes these products unique is that not only do they have a fun and delicious snack inside, there is also a unique and surprisingly unpredictable toy inside that awaits an excited child who had just successfully persuaded his mum to