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Quirks in Food and People: Does it come with custard?

After completing his meal and drinking the last sips of his third pint of beer, a guest, red in the face, chats happily with his group of five at a round table. Upon asking if he wanted any desserts or another round of beer, he said, "sure, have you got any spotted dick, with custard on the side?" "Sorry sir, we do not. How about I bring you the dessert menu?" "Sure", he replied. Returning with the dessert menu and presenting it to the red-faced guest, I asked, "what would you like to have?" As if not even reading the descriptions on the menu, he simply points to the first thing on the top left corner of the two-page menu. "What's this?" he asked, "does it come with custard?" "No sir, it does not. But how about some ice cream?" "But it's not the same," he replied. After several minutes, he points to another random item and asked again, "does THIS come with custard?" Aft