Campbell’s Condensed Soup…How to Cook it Right Every Time

Campbell’s soup…the soup that can turn any rookie cook into a saucier (high class sauce/soup chef). Nah, not really. But here’s how a conversation between me and my brother went the other day:

Me: “Hey bro, can you cook?”
Bro: “You bet I can.”
Me: “Really? Cool! What can you cook?”
Bro: “Campbell’s soup”
Me: ( -_- )

While not necessarily the best soup in the world, it definitely is one of the most convenient for busy people as well as people who want to become a saucier (or at least look like one, haha), as it is easy to prepare and looks just like the real deal. However, after some online digging, I was surprised to find that there were many people who didn’t know how to properly prepare a can of Campbell’s condensed soup. I mean, the instructions are right there on the can!

Then again, the instructions are only the essential basics of how to prepare it. I’ve discovered, through experimentation, of a way to make the soup turn out even better!

How to cook it right, EVERY TIME:

1. Place the condensed soup in a saucepan/small pot (It should fall out easily when you turn it upside-down. If not, use a spoon!)

2. Fill up the can with water (You may not use it all, though, depending on your preference of the soup’s thickness).

3. Using a whisk (you can also use a spatula but I prefer a whisk), stir the soup vigorously while adding water (part-by-part until you reach the soup consistency/thickness that you want).

4. Let it come to a boil (You can stop stirring like a mad person at this point! Just stir it now and then.)

5. And serve!

Why cook it this way? Here’s an explanation.
Although the instructions tell you to add exactly one can of water, you don’t necessarily have to. This is because everyone has their own individual preference of how thick a soup should be in order to satisfy their palate. Just keep adding the can of water (part-by-part) and stirring until you achieve the desired consistency. 

Why add it part-by-part with constant stirring? It’s so that you can prevent lumps in your soup and produce a smooth soup, just like a saucier. Imagine dipping your spoon into a bowl of soup, taking a spoonful and putting it into your mouth, only to taste a lump of salty soup paste. Yuck!

Instead of pouring the whole can of water straight into the pot at the beginning, and being left to hope that you get the soup consistency/thickness that you want, you can adjust it to your liking by adding it in parts.

Here’s an extra TIP: If you want a flavour boost, try adding some herbs (dried or fresh) and spices (paprika, cayenne, pepper, etc.). I usually like to just “whack in” whatever herbs and spices I can find, and it usually turns out way better than it would have been if I did nothing to it.

Watch my video to find out how to actually do what I’ve been “blabbering” about!

Other ways to use Campbell’s soup:

1. As pasta sauce

 You can use it as a sauce to compliment your favourite pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, lasagne, etc.) Just remember to add even less water for this one, as compared to when preparing it as a soup. After all, who wants watery pasta sauce?

2. Turn it into a stew

Add vegetables and other chopped/diced food to make a complete, one-pot meal. This is a really great way to empty your fridge when you’ve got leftover bits of vegetable (carrot, celery, potatoes, etc.) or meat (chicken breast, beef, etc.) that you don’t know what else to do with.

3. Get more ideas online

You can also refer to Campbell’s online recipe site for more ideas on what you can do with this convenient, universally applicable can of soup. (

Ps. I only used Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup as an example in this post, but the techniques and tips that I mentioned can also be used for other “condensed soup” varieties made by Campbell (eg. cream of chicken, tomato soup, mushroom potage, clam chowder, etc.)

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  1. Nice work! I love how you spice up the soup with other ingredients ;)


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