Dragon year, dragon cookies, and other Chinese New Year baked goodies

Based on the Chinese zodiac, this year is the dragon year, and to me, that means dragon cookies are almost a must. But also...

Presenting this year’s Chinese New Year baking line-up:

Part 1: Kuih makmur
Made of pre-cooked wheat flour, ghee and crushed peanuts, it is then rolled in a white coating of icing sugar for that tingle of a cool feeling you get when it melts on your tongue.

Part 2: Kuih bangkit
Essentially coconut cookies, it is made with tapioca flour and coconut milk, then shaped with a long mould. If you hear the tapping sound of mould against tabletop, this might be what’s being made. Also another good melter.

And finally, Part 3: Dragon cookies
Soft and crumbly, it melts in your mouth as fast as your hand would reach out for another one. Made of a combination of corn starch and wheat flour, it is an easy-to-eat treat (sometimes too easy in fact that I have to tell myself to stop!).


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