Apple pasties, a nod to the classic apple pie

The warm, nostalgic feeling of an apple pie in an easy to eat form.

I wanted to make an apple pie, but it would be too big, and I wouldn't be able to finish it. It's also not exactly easy to carry around and eat since the filling would just roll out before I have the chance to take a bite.

So I recreated it in another form. Combining the flavours of the apple pie and the concept of the curry puff, voila! It seems I'd just "created" the apple pasty. Oh well. Looks like it wasn't new after all.

With a shell of shortcrust pastry and a filling of apples with a dash of cinnamon, I fashioned it with a lattice design as a reminder of the original apple pie, and added a pastry leaf for decoration. While it was a bit of a challenge getting the thickness of the pastry just right, I eventually got it to look decent. 

Let's see what I can come up with next time. Hopefully this time it hasn't already been created.


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