When there's more than one way to tackle a plate of food

Apparently there are different types of eaters:

1. The "go around" eater - Eats bits of everything in turn. You'll wonder why they're so symmetrical.
2. The "heavy on one side" eater - Finishes all the carbs before moving to the rest of the dish. You'll wonder why they don't have any rice/noodles/fries on their plate.
3. The "favourite saver" eater - Saves the best item on the dish for last and eats the other parts first. That big prawn on the side of their plate? Don't touch it! It's a treasure they want to savour at the very last moment.
4. The "favourite first" eater - Eats the best parts first, then the rest of the dish. They'll always be asking you if you want that piece of chicken, because they "don't have it".

I'm a "go around" eater. Which type are you?


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