The Clearance Sales Section - The Treasure Trove of Opportunities (Part 2)

This is the continuation of last week’s story. If you haven’t read it, read it NOW!

So, how can we use the found treasure? Build a castle? Buy a ship? How about we make a chocolate mousse tart? Together with a Cadbury baking chocolate bar found at the clearance sales section (at a 50% discount, yay!), I decided to assemble all the other ingredients to make a delicious, decadent chocolate mousse tart. After calculating the total cost, I was astounded by how much I was able to save by finding just that one treasure. I was able to make two tarts which were worth a total of RM40, but of which I only paid RM27!

I’m not going to put a detailed recipe here, since this isn’t a recipe-type blog. But if you really want to know, here’s the recipe I used, based on several references:

200g digestive biscuits
100g butter (melted)
200g baking chocolate (melted)
200mL whipping cream

- Crush the digestive biscuits till they are fine (you can use a food processor).
- Add the melted butter and mix till it is evenly spread throughout the mixture.
- Shape the biscuit mixture into a tart mold, and place in the fridge.
- Prepare the filling by whisking the whipping cream until it reaches a soft peak.
- Then, add the whipped cream to the chocolate (and not the other way around) part-by-part, folding with a spatula as you do so.
- Take the tart shell out of the fridge, pour the filling into the shell, and chill in the fridge till it is set.
- Serve cold.

Still not convinced? Watch the video to see what you can find in a clearance sales section, how to choose, and how to make something out of what you found at a clearance sales section:

You can also try one of these recipes for a delicious chocolate mousse tart:

Ps. Check the clearance section for new goodies every time you pass the supermarket. Even if you don’t have groceries to buy that day, just walk in a take a look. Who knows, that may be your lucky day. Happy treasure hunting!


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