Werther's Original Cream Candies - The taste of pure cream and buttery goodness

Rich and buttery, toffee-like hard candy. What can be more satisfying than a drop of this pure indulgence!

When I first saw the name, it thought it read ‘Weather’s Original’. So I thought, oh okay, that’s a regular name, nothing special. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it actually read ‘Werther’s Original’, as in Werther's with an R. Haha.

What is Werther’s Original?

Werther’s Original is a hard candy made by Storck, a German company specializing in all things confectionery. Ever heard of Merci chocolates, Riesen, Mamba, and Toffifee? That’s Storck. 

Originating in a little village called Werther (which was also where it got its name), this candy is the brainchild of Gustav Nebel, a confectioner with the recipe and patience that brought Werther’s Original to the attention of the world.

Ten oval-shaped button candy pieces in one long aluminium and paper-layered wrapper (yes, there’s eight there because I ate two), it looks like it’s hiding treasures within its fine, shiny coat. Actually, it looks a bit like corn to me, don’t you agree? (The picture is the one below)

And the taste? Should I even bother buying it?
I’m not usually a candy-eater, but this one was just too good to pass up. It smells like butter, a bit like the popcorn that you get at the cinema. As soon as you place it in your mouth, it just bursts with flavour, as if you’re eating pure, quality butter. And no, it’s not as disgusting as it sounds. Quite the opposite, in fact. A feeling of creaminess just fills your mouth; and while the texture won’t be exactly like cream, it does give a very good impression as if you were actually eating cream.

It can’t be that perfect right?
Well, the only downfall of this product is that the candies don’t look as pretty as the pictures! Jagged edges rather than smooth, this button looks like it’s been chewed by a dog and thrown down a blender!

I suspect that it’s because of the heat which caused the candies to melt ever so slightly and become moulded into the shape of the thin plastic covering each candy, hence causing this unsightly mess. Although the aluminium-layered wrapper was SUPPOSED to protect against this, I guess the heat of summer was just too much for the poor little wrapper to handle. 

Then again, it’s not the looks that matter, is it? Besides, it did travel a long way from Germany. I guess we can forgive this tiny flaw since the taste is sooo good!

Besides cream candies, Werther's Original also has a range of filled candies, soft toffees and caramel fudge. They also have a ‘sugar-free’ range, for those who love candies but can’t deal with the sugar. I probably wouldn’t touch the sugar-free stuff, though, unless you absolutely have to. Sugar-free products are usually made with alternative sugars such as acesulfame-K (an artificial chemical) and aspartame (another artificial chemical). This one is no exception. Eat too much of this stuff and we all know that it won’t be good for our health anyway.

Should everyone eat this?
Yes…and No. Yes because it’s super awesome, but it’s definitely a no-no to those who are allergic to soy or are lactose intolerant. Now that you have been warned, eat at your own risk!

If you wanna know more about Werther’s Original or Storcks in general, visit their website for more creamy details. 

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Ps. Try plonking a few candy pieces into hot milk and enjoy a mouthful of upgraded, creamy and buttery milk. Totally indulgent, but totally satisfying!


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