Quirks in Food and People: Of corn and creativity

One vendor opens a store selling corn at one end of a street. Another opens a store, also selling corn, at the other end of the same street. Both are strategically located along a street bustling with activity from office workers going in and out of work, as well as for lunch.

One sells corn by the whole cob, steamed, for 3 ringgit. The other sells the exact same thing for the exact same price. However, this second vendor also sells his corn by the cup for an additional 1 ringgit.

Now, if you were a busy office worker with no time and no energy to give any thoughts to eating (except knowing that you only need food to continue living), wouldn't you prefer a conveniently packed, easy to eat option for your daily dose of vegetables without the hassle of peeling the husk of the corn, using your mighty teeth to dig into the flesh and pull out the kernels bit by bit?

Innovation and creativity plays important roles in our lives. It makes our lives much more interesting. In fact, it might even make or break the success of a business. There will always be competition, but it's the stronger, more creative and innovative ones who are constantly striving to improve and perfect themselves and their businesses who may ultimately win the day.



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